Updating Wispr Flight Firmware and Wispr Ground Control Remote ID Version


How To Update WISPR Flight Firmware and WISPR Ground Control to Remote ID Versions


  1. Download the .zip folder under the “Wispr Ground Control and Wispr Flight Firmware - Remote ID” section in our https://wisprsystems.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CS/pages/79265793 page.

    1. Extract the zipped file. You must extract the files or the update will not work.

  2. Plug a USB cable from your laptop/PC and connect it to the Flight Controller configuration port.

Flight Controller Configuration Port
  1. Open your extracted WISPRGroundControl folder from step 1 and double click remote-id-firwmare-update-tool.exe inside of the folder to run the Remote ID Firmware updater.

Update Tool Selection

You may get a blue pop-up window when this is trying to execute. If so, select “More Info” and then “Run Anyway” on the pop-up to start the installation.

  1. You now should see a screen as shown below, letting you know the installation is in progress.

Installation Initialization

a. Once the installation is complete, press enter to exit the screen.

Installation Progress
  1. Open Mission Planner.

    1. If Mission planner is not installed on your computer, please visit Installing Mission Planner — Mission Planner documentation to download the latest version.

  2. Once opened, connect to Mission Planner by selecting Auto in the top right corner of the drop down and selecting connect. Allow the parameters to load and you should see connect button in the top right of Mission Planner change to disconnect, ensuring you are now connected to mission planner.

    Mission Planner Connect Button
  3. Select the Setup tab on the top bar, then install firmware, then bootloader update.

    1. Two pop ups will appear after selecting this. Select Yes on both pop ups.

    2. Once the bootloader has finished updating, a pop-up box will appear that says “Upgraded Bootloader”. Select OK. Your bootloader is now updated!

This is a CRITICAL warning. Once you have chose to update the bootloader, DO NOT unplug the USB cable from the computer nor the Flight Controller on the drone. Unplugging or disconnecting while the bootloader is updating could cause your flight controller to become non-responsive.

Bootloader Update Successful
  1. Connect your USB cord from your computer to the port on the bottom of your hand controller

  2. Open the UNZIPPED folder you downloaded from the downloads page and select the Windows folder → windows-update. This will update your Wispr Ground Control to 1.0.0

WISPRGroundControl Installer
  1. Press 'Y' when prompted. Allow the script to run until you see “Successfully updated application! Press any key to continue…” The application is

Successful Update
  1. Power on drone IN A SAFE AREA and open Wispr Ground Control.

a. Open General settings and navigate to the Remote ID section.

Remote ID Fields
  1. Fill in your UAS ID. This can be found on the sticker on the side of your drone.

c. Change UAS ID Type from NONE to SERIAL_NUMBER

d. Enter the Operator ID as your company name WITH NO SPACES.

Example of Format

e. Reboot your drone, and restart Wispr Ground Control. After parameters load you may power off the drone.

  1. Open Mission Planner once more and select “Auto” from the drop down menu in the top right, and then press connect.

a. under the Setup tab and select Optional Hardware from the lefthand menu.

b. Select DroneCAN/UAVCAN from the list that opens

Drone CAN Screen

c. Select Mavlink-CAN2

Location of MAVlink CAN2 Button

d. Select the row that reads com.cubepilot.cubeID and select the “Menu” button at the end of the row. Click update from the drop down menu.

Update Button for CubeID

e. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to search the Internet for Update. Select Yes and allow the update to complete. This can take a few minutes.

f. Wait until the Mode column changes from 'Software Update' back to 'Operational’

  1. You may now disconnect from Mission Planner and disconnect the USB cable from your drone. You’re now ready to fly!