Continuing a Mission From Previous Waypoint After an RTL and Hot-Swap

Please note that when performing hot-swaps while using any Inertial Labs or RESEPI LiDAR payload (such as the Avia Livox or RESEPI Hesai XT32), the time from when the LiDAR begins recording data to the time the LiDAR stops recording data should never exceed 50 minutes. This is a limitation of the LiDAR’s computer and is not limited by the WISPR Ranger Pro. Typically, this means the Lidar should be rebooted every two flights if the user is to include two 20 minute flights and allow time on the ground for hot-swapping.

1, Drone should have mission uploaded to it from the Herelink Controller, planned through WISPRGroundControl.

2. Mission is ran until battery hits a Low Battery RTL at which point the drone will begin to RTL.

3. Once the drone completes an RTL and has landed you will get the options on your controller seen below:

4. Select “Resume Mission From Waypoint X” to ensure after hot-swap and re-launching, your mission does not start over yet starts from the last waypoint it was at before hitting the RTL.

5. After hot-swapping the battery, you are now ready to launch and resume the mission.

6. Arm the drone, launch the drone and use the slider to continue the mission. The mission will continue from the last waypoint it was at and will not start the entire mission over.


See below video for an in-depth look at the process:

Continuing a Mission From Previous Waypoint After an RTL