Smart Controller/Ground Station


I cannot install WGC using the install file. The script to install appears but stops and does not install WGC.

Enable "Developer Mode" on the smart controller by navigating to Settings → About Phone → Build Number and tap at least 7 times on "Build Number." You will receive a message stating “You are now a developer”. Once you finish this step or if this step is complete you need to enable USB debugging in developer option under settings. See below how to enable USB debugging.

When the WGC script runs, I get an error message that says USB debugging is not allowing the script to run.

Go into settings and scroll down to developer options. Once in developer options, you will see USB debugging with a toggle switch to the right of it. Toggle the switch on (This should turn the switch green). You may now run the script.

  • Your smart controller may ask you to allow USB debugging on this computer if it is the first time on that device. You may simply press yes to proceed. You will only need to allow USB debugging one time on each device.

What should you do if your smart controller is not staying charged for long enough in the field?

We suggest buying an portable charger to extend the battery life throughout the day. Below are links to examples, but you can purchase any brand, size, price, etc. that will fit your needs.

What should you do if the LED light is flashing red/solid red on your Smart Controller?

This means the battery is critically low and the smart controller should be charged before any further use. Safely bring the drone back and ground it. Use of the controller while having a low battery could result in a dangerous flight and damage to the drone.

  • If the controller does go dead while in flight, a failsafe backup is on, which will bring the drone back to its launch position to avoid a fly away.

    • Be aware, a failsafe is on in case of disconnection or low power on the smart controller. The drone will RTL at the height the RTL_Height parameter is set at. Which means it could hit obstacles on the way back to its launch position. Always check your RTL Height set in General settings to know what height your drone will RTL at to avoid hitting any obstacles.

If the controller doesn’t load parameters when opening WISPRGroundControl, what could be wrong?

  • First, ensure you have the correct smart controller that corresponds to that drone.

  • Go into Herelink Settings and under Radio, make sure the Pair State says Paired. If not, you can use these steps to pair your smart controller to your drone

    • Remove the two silver bolts on the side of the drone on the access door to see the air unit.

    • Use a small pointy tool to press and hold the pair/reset button until LED 2 is flashing green.

    • Once flashing, press the pair button under the Radio tab in Herelink Settings. LED should turn solid green and your pair state should now read paired.

My smart controller will not connect to my 5GHz network, what should I do?

  • If your smart controller isn’t allowing you to connect to a 5GHz network, go to your apps and click Herelink Settings. Under Radio confirm that the country is set to United States. If it is not, change to United States and reboot the controller and try to reconnect. Available 5GHz networks should show now allowing you to connect your smart controller to your choice of network.

  • If the controller is showing United States and you still can not connect, Try:

    • 1. Switching to a different country code. (You may pick any)

    • 2. Power the controller off and back on using the power button

    • 3. Change the country back to United States and your SSID (5GHz network) should now be visible for connection

      • Always confirm that the SSID you are trying to connect to is a 5GHz band. If your Wi-Fi is a 2.4 GHz band it will not show up under the list of SSID’s in Wi-Fi.

If the smart controller is dropped or any damage is noticed what should I do?

If the smart controller is dropped, bumped or damaged in any way, the controller should be replaced. If you suspect any damage, DO NOT use the controller. This can cause your drone to crash. Also, always check your smart controller before each flight for any damage. DO NOT fly the drone if the smart controller is damaged in anyway. It must be replaced before you fly your drone.

What percentage should my smart controller be charged to before flight.

We recommend you charge your smart controller to 100 percent before beginning any flight. This will help prevent mishaps mid flight and will also keep the flight safe, as a fully charged controller is always best.

If my drone is not flying smoothly, what should I do?

  • check that props, payloads, screws and landing gear are all secure.

  • Check that no errors are being thrown in WISPRGroundControl.

  • If the compass (GPS) has been bumped or damaged in any way, this can also cause the drone to not fly smoothly or in worst case a crash could happen.

Telemetry data is not showing correctly or at all during flight.

  • Close WISPRGroundControl and reopen the application. This should reset everything and all data should be showing correctly.

  • Reboot the drone if closing the application does not work.

What should I do If I try to arm my drone with the joystick and the “Calibration still running” error pops up, not allowing the drone to arm.

Open Herelink Settings and check that the Y axis has been reversed under the joystick tab. If not reversed, the controller will try to put the drone into calibration mode instead of arming the drone when pulling the joystick down and to the right. See picture below:


What if my smart controller will not connect or show my Wi-Fi SSID?

  • Your smart controller can only connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. If your Wi-Fi isn't 5Ghz, you can not connect to that SSID

  • Check in the settings that your smart controller is set to the correct country you are in. If it is not it will not show up on the SSID list when searching for available Wi-Fi.

  • If your smart controller is set to the correct country in settings, try changing the country to any other country than the one you are located, rebooting the smart controller and then going into settings and changing the country back to the one you are located.