Charging Batteries for your WISPR Ranger Pro


Connecting battery charger components

  1. Connect your power cord from the charger to the wall and turn on the power switch.

  2. Connect the balance leads into the clips on the front of the charger.

  3. If the battery is not already on LiHV mode on the LCD screen, hold the two arrows in between the stop and start buttons until the mode changes from LiPo to LiHV.

  4. Be sure fast charge or balance charge are selected as the charging mode

  5. Check the charging current amps. This should be set at 20A

Connecting battery and charging

  1. Connect battery XT90 (yellow plug) to male XT90 plug on charger

  2. Connect balancer on battery to balance lead on charger

  3. Check that all settings are correct on the LCD screen

  4. Press start and hold it until the charger beeps and gives a warning signal

  5. Press start one more time to begin charging

How to charge the Battery for the WISPR Ranger Pro

NEVER charge a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery that is not rated for high voltage in LiHV mode. Charging a “standard” Lithium battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7V per cell in LiHV mode will over charge the battery, resulting in damage to the battery, fire, or an explosion.