AA450 LiDAR Quick Start and Best Practices Guide


AA450 LiDAR Quickstart Video

AA450 LiDAR PostProcessing with CoPre2 Video

Attaching AA450 LiDAR Payload To Wispr Drone

  1.  Attaching LiDAR Quick Attach Mount

    1.    Slide Lidar Quick Attach into WISPR’s dove tail mount with open port on the quick attach positioned to the front of the drone.

    2.    Press lever on the dove tail mount inward after sliding in mount to lock the lidar payload securely.

      1. Check to make sure the payload is secure and the lever is tightly clasped.

2. Attaching power cable from Lidar quick attach to the drone

a. Plug in cable with XT60 connector into the XT60 24V power port located on the front of the drone


3. Attaching GNSS antenna for LiDAR to WISPR’s LiDAR antenna mount

a. The mount provided by WISPR is located behind the GPS and incorporate a SMA connector on top of a platform in which the GNSS antenna for lidar is tightly screwed onto. This is shown below.


b. GPS offsets for GNSS antenna are already incorporated into LiDAR calibration

c. Connect SMA cable from LiDAR Quick attach to SMA cable from the LiDAR GNSS antenna and screw Male SMA onto Female SMA and make sure the cables are connected securely


4. Attaching the AA450 LiDAR onto the LiDAR Quick Attach

a. Loosen nut on the right side of the lidar until you can pull the spring-loaded pin out

b. Make sure the lidar has the USB C port positioned to the front of the drone


c. Pull the spring-loaded pin out and slide AA450 LiDAR into the mount until the Lidar is seated snug then release the pin

d. Tighten the nut on the spring-loaded pin and check that the lidar is secure. You are now done mounting the Lidar to the drone!

Using the AA450 LiDAR Payload with Wispr Drone

5. Powering the AA450

a. Power the Wispr Drone

b. Power the AA450 Lidar by pressing and holding the button on the front of the lidar until the buzzer sounds and the lidar has powered on

i. Wait 60 seconds for boot to complete before moving to the step below

c. Quick press the front button to start the data collection process

6. Planning a Lidar mission on WISPR Ground Control with the AA450

a. Open WISPR Ground Control on the Smart Controller by clicking the WISPR Ground Control Icon on the home screen of the smart controller.

b. Select LiDAR as payload for WISPR Drone by going to the general settings button and select it as the payload.

c, Select the mission planning button to open the mission planning section of WISPR Ground Control.

d. When planning a mission for lidar plan your mission start way point altitude first to set the altitude of the lidar mission you are completing

e. Click take off to set your Launch Position.

f. Next select Pattern and then Survey and finally New Basic Pattern to plan the polygon of the area you want to survey.  

g. To change the angle of the mission paths for situations where shorter mission runs are needed the angle sliders is within the polygon planning portion of the mission planning.

h. After completion then click Return button and it will automatically set the Return to Launch location in the location that you take off from.

i. After completion click upload required to upload lidar mission to drone. Your mission is now loaded on to the drone.

7. Flying the uploaded Lidar Mission

a. Click exit on the Start Mission Slider before manually taking off.

b. To arm and take off pull the left joystick down and to the right and hold it there to arm the drone. After arming push the Left stick straight up to take the drone off and climb to the altitude you are running your mission at.

c. You can exit out of the continue mission slider if needed to fly up to altitude

8. LiDAR auto-calibration

a. Once your drone is at its mission altitude. select the lidar calibration button on the left side. The lidar calibration slider will appear. Simply slide to begin auto calibration for pre-flight of the lidar mission.

i. The auto calibration flies the drone in a full speed straight path (in the direction you have it facing) then begins 2 figure 8 patterns to calibrate the lidar sensor prior to flying your mission. Once calibration is complete the drone will auto start the mission.

9. Mission completion and Post-Flight Procedures

a. After the mission is complete the drone will return to home at 10m/s and land autonomously.

b. Once the drone lands and disarms you may close WISPR Ground Control and power down your smart controller.

c. Stop the AA450 LiDAR data collection process after landing. hort press button on lidar to end data collection process and wait 10 seconds to power down.

i. Press and hold the button to power down the AA450 LiDAR

d. After the lidar is powered down after 10 seconds you man now power down the drone.

e. After powering down the lidar and drone you may remove AA450 LiDAR from drone.

i. To remove the AA450 lidar, loosen screw and pull spring-loaded pin outward and pull the AA450 LiDAR out of the LiDAR Quick Attach.

ii. Pack AA450 LiDAR in the case to bring in for Post Processing.



Follow this link for Frequently Asked Questions about the AA450 LiDAR https://wisprsystems.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CS/pages/3735565/FAQ#Lidar


  • When calibrating your drone before the lidar mission, always calibrate at the same height you are running your mission at

  • When calibrating your drone, run the calibration OUTSIDE of the mission area, never calibrate inside of the mission area.

You GPS Offsets for the AA450 should be X-> 0, Y-> -0.104 and Z-> 0.432 If creating or uploading offset files.